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May 12, 2015 – JW Marriott Grand Hotel, Bucharest

CIO Council National Conference 3rd Edition

Va felicit pentru organizarea conferintei, subiectele abordate au fost interesante si de actualitate, audienta semnificativa si activa adica intr-un cuvant un frumos succes! - Bogdan Rotunjanu, IT Director, Orange

Multumesc, in numele echipei Coca-Cola HBC Romania, pentru conferinta excelent organizata si moderata . Subiectele au fost extraordinare si am plecat cu multe lucruri frumoase si interesante invatate aici Liviu Osman, CIO Council member

“I was really impressed for the organization and the high level of the event, Im really committed to come back in the next conference.” - Manel Ballesteros, Director at SII Romania

Va felicit pentru un eveniment reuşit, plăcut şi extrem de valoros. – Bassam Gemayel

"Va felicit pentru evenimentul de ieri. Sincer ! No bla-bla event !
A fost un eveniment de tinuta, un eveniment ‘rotund’,  atat in ceea ce va priveste,  prezentatori si gazde cat si al celor prezenti in sala. Se vedea si simtea clar ca lumea nu se plictiseste.
In drum spre casa ma gandeam de ce mama naibii nu am incercat sa va recrutez la Microsoft pe  Yugo, Aurelian, Costi Mares etc."
- Ovidiu Artopolescu

“Nu pot sa nu remarc calitatea si tinuta conferintei de ieri, atat prin alegerea subiectelor cat si calitatea dezbaterilor. Doresc sa felicit atat pe cei care au facut ca acest eveniment sa fie posibil cat si pe toti cei care au participat intr-un numar atat de mare la eveniment. Bravo!”Bogdan Bandila, CIO Council member

“O conferinta excelenta din toate punctele de vedere!
Felicitari organizatorilor si colegilor care au sustinut subiectele interesante ale agendei!
Sunt onorat de participarea la prima Conferinta Nationala, alaturi de membrii CIO Council Romania!”
, Dragos Prisacaru, CIO  Council Member

"Avand in vedere feedback-ul primit din partea multor participanti la conferinta de ieri, constat ca evenimentul a fost foarte bine primit, deci organizatorii precum si toti cei care au participat la expuneri merita toate felicitarile". - Domnique Ionescu, CIO Council Member


Yugo NeumorniChanges occur extremely fast in the IT industry and everybody should reinvent themselves. Cloud Computing and the economic crises raised new challenges and transformed the IT Department and the role of CIO. While Cloud Computing or Social Media generate opportunities for new jobs, the traditional IT positions are disappearing and you should be aware of that.

We will see the IT departments, the CIOs and ourselves from the eyes of the C-level executives, entrepreneurs and external consultants. We will understand what are the new threats and opportunities for IT professionals, we will learn the CFO language and we will find out the paths for new careers.

Be with us in this exclusive event and you will have the chance to meet the most important CIOs or former CIOs from Romania joined under the CIO Council umbrella, ready to speak about their success stories and their failures.

Yugo Neumorni,
CIO Council

The IT Director or the CIO of each company is a leader. The community of IT Directors, part or not of CIO Council Romania, is a leading community.  Leading is about change and influencing others to change. The first national conference of CIO Council Romania will help members or guests to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of their environment

  • Evaluate the professional path of the career

  • Create a vision for how IT will build your organisation’s success for achieving colleague’ business goals using technology, or to sustaine public services

  • Shape and inform expectations for an IT-enabled enterprise – to work with your colleagues to identify the key business needs, strategies, drivers, to articulate the IT guidelines

  • Create clear and appropriate IT governance – build credibility and trust, for private or public sector

  • Weave business and IT strategy together

  • Build a new IS organisation – one is leaner and more focused than its more traditional predecessor.

  • Develop and nurture a high-performing team in your IS organisation

  • Manage the new enterprise and IT risks,

  • Communicate IS performance in business-relevant language (IT value indicators that are directly linked to business value measures).

Calin Rangu,
CIO Council

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CIO Council National Conference 2015

Accelerating change – Fast Agile CIO.
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